30. 4. 2011

Everything about you is just so... fucking addictive.

Well, my plan was to find a romantic quote and put it as a title in this post, but actually... all I've found was so awkward and .. blewgh. Is this okay?
I don't know, I'm kinda lost in this 'romantic stuff'.

I'm a bit speechless today, but let's say it shortly.
My Friday, which is usually full of music and drunk people, was pretty different this week. Didn't have to go to school (!) because it was The Royal Wedding (as all of you already know) and so went with my friends from english lessons to our teacher's flat to watch this important event.
Why it was so important?
Because it's my future country, my future home.
(for you who still don't know much about me - I'll tell you soon).

Then went to town with my friend to look for some new finds in secondhands, but we weren't lucky this time.
Btw, it's hockey championship in my country this year and the town full of foreigners makes me feel like I'm somewhere else! ♥

Oh, and I've found out some crazy facts about me when not sleeping in my own bed.
Don't invite me into yours. Trust me.

Btw, you should totally watch those movies.
Yes, they are romantic.
That's why I'm so disgusted today.

I know you can't wait for my next post, it's gonna be BIG.
Maybe they'll arrest me for childish pornography. Who knows?
Check it out tomorrow.
Bye for now, N.

28. 4. 2011

England & Paris

So Hi, I just came from England and Paris today :) I've been there for 6 days...and 2 days in a bus...horrible..way there 20 hours way back 15...but at least I have nice pics...well I like them..

I was surprised from London... there were so many people!! But haven't talked to one British person...don't even know how is that possible...and I was so looking forward to it...but maybe next time...

And Paris...I love Paris...The Eiffel tower...and it was so sunny :) great days just the hotels we stayed in were horrible! God..I'm happy I'm home but I'm happy I saw those two beautiful cities too ..


Ok..and that on the right is me :)

25. 4. 2011

I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you.


Right now I feel like talking so much. I could tell you about all my thoughts and ideas but I promised to post more photos than words (that some of you don't even read!) ☺
And here I go!

I wanted to tell some of you, foreigners, about the Easter in Slovakia, but why? I'm not religious, so for me it mosly means free days and no school. (but if you really wanna know just feel free and ask me, I won't bite you ☺)

But I'm talking too much again!
Let' say it shortly: went to our cottage with my sister and parents to see my grandparents.
What else can i say? 3 days full of sun, taking photos and eating too much (♥)!

Maybe some of you won't even notice, but there are a few photos I'm really proud of. I kept standing in the fields and waiting until the sun goes down and then quickly taking pics of everything that looked amazing (have you heard of Golden 30min.?)
And you won't believe me but the other day my alarm clock rang at 6 (!) and right after you could see me running up to the fields again and waiting for the sunrise.

The result?
About 500 pics (don't worry, I've chosen just a very few of them) and the feeling that I couldn't spent this weekend better.

Hope you're having fun, my loves!
N. ♥

P.S.: Click play before you look down! ☺

Something from my Granny's garden.

And I'm totally obsessed with skies. Can't take my eyes off of them, even the sun is shining or even it's raining. Don't know why, but somehow looking up to the sky makes me believe in me and my dreams more than watching the world around me.

Yeah, this is exactly the same field as in THIS POST. Doesn't it look so nice? ☺ Anyways, after taking photos here I had to run back and take some pills against allergy because I couldn't breathe.

My little sis. ♥

My Mum.

My Dad.


Lemon beer ♥

My favourite pages.

And I've almost forgotten. On the way back home it started pouring with rain super hard and all the cars on the highway had to stop. And it would't be me if I didn't put the camera in the back of the cars so I couldn't take ANY photo of that cool moment. Sh.