27. 2. 2011

Home again..

I miss it there so much..but here are some pics :) L.

From the plane. I just loved to look outside it was so beautiful.

At the Zoo.
Best book I ever read in my life.

No need to explane this. Love it.

26. 2. 2011

Go get your shovel, and we'll dig a deep hole, to bury the castle.

I'm kinda speechless now and think I can tell you more the other way. Enjoy the photos!
Your naive and paranoid,

 Hello, my name is Loser.

 I tried to snowboard.

 The Addams Family.

 I'm going green!


21. 2. 2011

Over the Ocean

Hey I'm so exited! I'm spending my holidays in US.! I love it here so much. Yesterday we went to the CD shop and I was amazed with the selection and the prices. I bought two CDs for now.!

And the people are just so nice in here...Everyone is just smiling and saying "Hi, how are you?" Not like in Slovakia when they don't even say Hi to you...Its just totally different life in here..and I love this life..

If i could I would love to live here the only problem is I would really miss my family and my friends...but I hope I will get here to collage or something so I can spend more time here.

I will write more posts but I didn't have time...rough times in school...and I will post some pictures when I will get home.

14. 2. 2011

Paramore at The GRAMMYs

My favourite band walked the red carpet yesterday! I can't tell you much about it, I just woke up (it was here at 2am on TV) but I have some pictures.
Hayley looked amazing (as usual) and the guys... aah ♥
The only difference I noticed were Hayley's eyebrows. They are red, eh? I remember her natural colour and that is definitely not red :/
But who cares? :)


13. 2. 2011

Another post posted just because I'm bored.

...but it made me so happy! :)
Yesterday was the very first practice of my band and even I couldn't be there with them (cry, cry) they said it went awesome!
And so they took some pictures for me...

Guys, I love you so bad ♥

12. 2. 2011

Simply boredom.

Such a big mistake. Please, stop me from saying I want to be ill next time, okay? Cause I do not want to be ill. ANYMORE!

Luckily, a friend of mine came to see me today and we wanted to do something 'creative'. So here we go! It's not done yet anyway...


Good old times

I just saw this pic and it made me remember the good old times when I was a small child. Great times no problems, school was easy, no problems with boys...I want to go back.:) The only thing I would miss is the freedom i have now that i can go out almost anywhere I want...but my childhood was perfect.


11. 2. 2011

Oh, how much I hate being ill!

... right right. I am ill.
I'm sure none of you care anyways.

Being ill means staying at home and staying at home means being bored. And so I'm posting some stuff that entertained me, inspired me and stopped me from being bored mainly!

So you ask me how I spend these days? Doing nothing, just lying on my bed and listening to some music... That reminded me of one thing: I still haven't told you about the music I listen to!
Well, it was always me and Paramore, but I started listening to some 'old music' (which makes my Dad so proud ☺). All I need now is to be in a good mood and I'm glad to say that David Bowie is the one who makes me happy now! And then a band called Sharks, which is pretty unknow yet (yeah, I feel so cool when listening to unknown bands heh... okay, just kidding, right?). Check out their music HERE.

I have read so many magazines these days and checked a lot of fashion blogs and... I can't wait for summer! Guess I'm not the only one who looks forward to wearing tops, shorts and sun glasses :) ( even I can't help myself, but I think most of people on lookbook.nu are bored! or maybe just not well-inspired)
There are two girls I would like tell you about:

The first one is called Bronwyn and she's one of those people I keep talking to every single day. Her style is amazing! Check her out HERE.

I can't wait to meet you (and Molly of course!) ♥

The other one just blinked at me on lookbook. She seems to be cool too! Check her out HERE. Hope she won't mind I'm posting this in here... :)

You could notice I love this punk-rock style. I do! And you know what?
One special man made my day today (oh, again?) :) I'm telling you because he was and UPS courier. And he brought me my very first Dr. Martens boots! I'm so excited about having ones finally!

You know what, kids? Life is amazing.
Love you all, N.