30. 5. 2011

You're the risk I always take.

Aaand another post... taken today by my sweet little Beanie ♥

Let's be friends again.

I promised new pictures soon... so here you are :)

(random pics taken by Beanie ♥)

 There she goes - Beanie xx

natali wonderland.

29. 5. 2011

'So... are we dating?'

Hello, readers!

Firstly, I'm really sorry for no posting regularly -_-
I've been pretty busy, you know, school and oh, I started working! It's just a small coffee shop, but I'm so tired! And I'm still waiting for my new camera, so I can't take pictures everytime I see something cool. But this will change in a while, June and the other summer months are gonna be stunning!
Also I've been with Laura yesterday and she promised that we'll meet more to take some pictures for you (it would be a shame to lose you, wouldn't be?☺).

So here you are...
Some pictures of my best friend's 18th bday party. It was in my band's practice house and yes, it looked like after the terrorist attack in the morning, but some random people who overslept there have swept it up. Thank you, nice people!

P.S. sorry for the quality, have no idea who took these...

 here she goes. my best friend ♥

 the one i rememer. he promised to sing with me. ha?

 oh my.

 wasted, tipsy, shitfaced, gone, twisted, plastered, hammered.

Have fun, and please, don't be mad at us. We'll post more soon! :)
natali wonderland

10. 5. 2011

Welcome to the city where nobody pretends he's somebody else.

Hello, my friends.
I know I haven't been posting for such a long time and I'm so sorry for that but I was too busy with doing all those shit things and so I couldn't get back to you.

This weekend I went to Brno, Czech rep. where all my great friends are (okay, some of them are in my country too, like this girl, sitting next to me ♥) and I admit I'm still a bit drunk so don't get me wrong, okay?

As always: met many cool people, was drunk, was crazy. Found out that manga people can be fine and KFC cola is fucking disgusting when mixed with rum. Also got back into my 'Bowie Rebel Rebel mood'. Tried drinking in the trees (and then falling down) and dancing in the streets. Oh, and my hair is red again.

Here you are.
N. ♥

P.S.: I found out that one slovak blogger (will not be named) copied my idea - one of her posts looks totally like one I made not so long ago.
Don't wanna sound mean, but just to let you know - stealing my ideas just makes me feel proud and stronger. Thank you.

(sorry for the quality of the pics, don't know why but blogspot always makes them looks so shit)