29. 5. 2011

'So... are we dating?'

Hello, readers!

Firstly, I'm really sorry for no posting regularly -_-
I've been pretty busy, you know, school and oh, I started working! It's just a small coffee shop, but I'm so tired! And I'm still waiting for my new camera, so I can't take pictures everytime I see something cool. But this will change in a while, June and the other summer months are gonna be stunning!
Also I've been with Laura yesterday and she promised that we'll meet more to take some pictures for you (it would be a shame to lose you, wouldn't be?☺).

So here you are...
Some pictures of my best friend's 18th bday party. It was in my band's practice house and yes, it looked like after the terrorist attack in the morning, but some random people who overslept there have swept it up. Thank you, nice people!

P.S. sorry for the quality, have no idea who took these...

 here she goes. my best friend ♥

 the one i rememer. he promised to sing with me. ha?

 oh my.

 wasted, tipsy, shitfaced, gone, twisted, plastered, hammered.

Have fun, and please, don't be mad at us. We'll post more soon! :)
natali wonderland

3 komentáre:

  1. čau kočko,
    tak konečně jsem ti udělala ty obrázky/návod.. pardon, že to tak trvalo, ale měla jsem fakt kalup=) uložila jsem to tady: http://www.ulozto.cz/9158822/obrazky-exe
    a doufám, že ti to podle toho půjde, jestli ne, tak mám ještě tip na jednu holčinu, co se webdesignu věnuje, tak by to mohla rozluštit.. http://silvidesign.blogspot.com/
    má tam e-mail, tak kdyby ti to nešlo, zkus jí napsat, je milá a ochotná - mně dělala celé pozadí i header..
    a pařbička, koukám, dobrá - líbí se mi borcovo Soho tričko!!!
    měj se krásně a ozvi se, jestli ti to šlo!

  2. holy shit, jakto ze som ta tu nikdy nevidela:D