24. 6. 2011

I found myself in The UK again...

Right, right.
Britain is my place.

I love their smell. I love their music. I love their voices. I love their weather. I love their people. I love their food. I love their streets. I love their shops. I love their lives.. ♥

(sorry for too many pics, but you know i havent posted for a long time again... enjoy!)

It all started in our little big bus which was the most uncomfortable bus in the whole world. And you cant imagine spending 2 nights in it! Firstly we went to Paris. Ive been there for the first time and it was great of course, but I dont remember much because I was too tired to adore all those buildings and people. But I remember some french women who smell so good :)
(no, im not a perv, i just like smelling people)

 me in the future.

 I love random street art! I took some many pictures, but couldnt post them all, so here are just a few of them...

 Here I am with my junkies.

I have no pictures from the Eiffel Tower because just before I decided to stop pooing on the first floor of the Eiffel, they found something what seemed to be a bomb so they closed it and told us to leave. Great.
 Hacky sack next to eiffel.

 Also I didn't take many pictures of wellknown places in The UK, because Ive seen them so many times... this is Tower of London, I guess...


Me and my girls in front of Madame Thussauds.

 You dirty little... Miley.
 Russel Brand.

 Jimi ♥
 Another of my junkies.

 Hacky sack again.

and also met this amazing girl from Oxford... my friend Bronwyn ♥♥♥

So what can I say?
I met HER, was pooing almost at every famous place, couldnt sleep because of the british smell ♥, played hacky sack under the eiffel tower, at london eye and on the bottom of the see in the tunnel between France and The UK and realized that there isnt such a place for me like this one. It was only the third time, but  promise to come back soon. And stay there...

natali wonderland