27. 3. 2011

Blessed with curse

So i decided to put some random pics here because i don't have much time to take photos in past few weeks :/ so here are some older photos and I hope you will like them. And when I saw how many followers we have now..I'm really glad that I have Natali.


Happiness is a jurney, not a destination.

Hey guys :)
Not a long time after my last post - I just can't stop posting! Have so many ideas, so many things I wanna share with you all. I know there weren't many people following this blog (*cry*) and I know we should have some photos on lookbook.nu as everyone does so they can promote their blogs more. But I still don't feel like having pictures on lookbook, I want this blog to be about life and about everything all around me (and Laura, of course), not just a blog about fashion. But who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind soon, as I always do... :)

I'm so excited right now! Guess why? :)
There are a few blogs that inspire me so much and one of them is Chloe's blog - urban tease. This girl has amazing style, cute face and...I love her hair! ♥ And she just posted a comment under one of my photos! I'm so happy! Feel like one of my little dreams just came true - and it really did! Thank you so much, Chloe, you're awesome :) xxx

Also... I was just wondering: How many people joined Earth Hour yesterday? My family did. We switched off all the lights in our flat from 20:30 til 21:30 (I wanted to turn off the computer and the TV too, but my Dad was watching football -_-). I think it's such a cool way how to show people that we need to save our planet. Swiching off all the lights shows there are still people who care.
And how did I spend this hour? Reading HP 7 while the candles were burning... (and then tell me I'm not romantic!)

Even many of you forgot or missed Earth Hour, you still can join it the next year!
Hope you all are having a nice day.

P.S.: My hands are still shaking. Chloe posted here! yay! xxx

26. 3. 2011

25. 3. 2011

Because I'm in lesbians with you.

What happens when ill N. has to stay at home for the whole week?
Simply randomness.
Enjoy, N.

 Mum wanted me to tidy up my room and I've found some old casette tapes, CDs, lyrics AND! my very first childish mic.
Also spent some time watching my favourite movies.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The Runaways.

+ some random inspirations

21. 3. 2011

Inspire me ♥

Illness got to me, again.
I'm bored, again.

 Sid Vicious

 Anne Natalie
 Ellie Cakeface


 Hayley's Mic

 The Runaways

Also here are some cool people, cool blogs, cool links.