1. 3. 2011


Maybe you're happy right now.
Maybe you can't wait for the summer.
Maybe you just dyed your hair to dark red.
Maybe you ate as much as you could and so you feel sick now.
Maybe you started wearing your new Docs and you feel cool.
Maybe your boyfriend ignores you.
Maybe some special people made your day today.
Maybe some bitches hate you.
Maybe you don't care.
Maybe you believe in yourself more than ever.
Maybe you're naive again.
And maybe you think the things are gonna be okay, finally.

Maybe you're like me...

+ 3 exclusive (☺) pictures of me and Mik. That's wonderland, babe!

Out of body and out of mind,
kiss the demons out of my dreams.
I get the funny feeling, that’s alright,
Jimmy says its better than air.

P.S.: This man is one of those special people who I live for. Thank you Ben ♥

Your Natali Wonderland.

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