6. 2. 2011

There's always sun behind the clouds...


I have so much to tell you, but any time for it...
But I'll share with you as much as possible.

Guess I'm having the most beatiful days ever. This weekend was amazing!
I spent Friday evening and the whole Saturday just walking in our hometown, Bratislava. I have to admit one thing - I've never felt THIS good while walking in those streets. The sun was shining, you could already feel the summer coming!

And today? Well, I met two awesome boys. But they will be the very very special ones. Those two young men are joining our band! I'll post some pictures of us soon, we just have to get used to be with each other in one room (we're pretty wild, trust me!). Of course I will post some videos one day too. But we're just getting started!

Keep your fingers crossed for us and enjoy life, please.

There's always something bad waiting for you behind the corner, but I'm telling you - ignore it! Life is about looking for your own happiness, so don't give up this fight!

Your Natali Wonderland

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