5. 2. 2011

Back again...

Hey, so I just came home from the skiing trip...It was so great but now I'm not in a great mood.. The only thing i missed there was Natalie that's all...

Such a great feeling to get out of this big city you know what I mean don't you? Just to get rid of problems.. The beautiful snow was shining on the ground, the trees were covered in snow and I was listening to my music and just went down from the hill...(even though I'm not good at it... it was so relaxing :) ).

The people were great but there were some problems too... as always, but probably we just can't live without them but I met a lot of new great people.

So and now I'm sitting sad on my bed..not such a good feeling anymore.. and some other problems which are messing in my head. Yeah...boys boys..:) So I just hope it will be better...It's actually not fun anymore!!

I'm just going to bed now so good night guys and I hope i will post some pics as soon as possible.


Here are some pics from the trip...It was so beautiful :)

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