30. 1. 2011

In The Mourning...

This weekend was amazing! I can already feel summer in the air :) Laura went skiing with her school, so I'm here to post some new photos.

The first 3 pics are from my hometown, Bratislava. It's one lake which never looks good, but don't you see? The snow makes everything looks better!

The other pictures are from one little village here in Slovakia, where my granparents have the cottage. It looks so magical, doesn't it? ♥

It's me, my Dad and my sister Paula in the pictures.


P.S.: I'm wearing dark blue coat from Zara, yellow gloves from Benetton and blue-yellow bag, which was my Mum's firstly. She gave it to me because it's pretty destroyed already. We have bought it in one amazing boutique in Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. ÚŽASNÉ!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. http://janinkajennygreen.blogspot.com ....zatial ešte nieje uplny lebo mi musis pomoct s textom ale aspon sa nato pozri :) a zuzka nam musi spravit fotky :)))

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