26. 1. 2011

Who We Are...

It's kinda funny to pretend that someone's reading this blog now, you know? Cause noone knows about it yet. But probably you do if you're reading this RIGHT NOW. I mean... Oh man, I'm lost.

Anyways, the other thing we should do as first is to introduce us. As you might already know, we are two girls, friends. We know each other since 2009 (I guess) and we both live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I'm sure there would be some people who have never heard about this country before (so please, google it!).

Just to be really honest we didn't have many chances to meet often in those 2 years. We were too busy to find some time for each other (even the distance between us is not more than 15 minutes of travelling by tram!) and maybe that's one of the reasons why we made this blog. We like common things, clothes, music, boys (with longer hair!!) etc.

So now we have the reason why - we NEED to meet and make some photos for YOU! I'm sure we have so much to share.

But let's start...

Should I be the first one? Okay...

My whole name is Natália Blahová (mum, I know you didn't want me to post my whole name, I'm sorry!) and I'm 17. I'm not gonna tell you about my childhood, I was happy child who didn't care about anything. But I think the most important thing in my life happened 2 years ago. Okay, let's call it 'transformation'. I remember all those stupid questions I kept asking when I was younger and all those answers (which had no meaning for me at that time) about life as some adults know it. They said 'You'll find your own way one day, and how will you find it out? You will feel it in your whole body, in your heart. Your head will try to tell you it's wrong, but don't listen to it, listen to your heart and intuition.'

And you know what? It has already happened to me. I don't know how, but I remember the date: 31st March 2009. That's when I have written my very first lyrics (they suck) and found out that there's NOTHING else I want to do in my life... Only music. And so I started taking singing lessons and listen to millions of different sorts of music, just to notice everything I needed to became a well-prepared person who will never give up in following my dreams. I still remember someone telling me how hard it's gonna be. I didn't know it, I thought it's easy and you don't have to move a finger, you just want it, that's all. And I was wrong... It's harder than I could ever imagine. There's always gonna be someone telling you you're not good, or you just can't make it. And I'm telling you - fuck them.
And so that’s me. A girl who most of time speds thinking about the future and about the things which some people don’t even know. I know I’m weird for some of you, I don’t care, I’m happy like this.
My favourite place is called ‚Our little house‘ – it’s a practice room (actually it’s a house) and I’ll post some pictures of it soon. This place smells different, you feel different in there.
My biggest dream is to get better in singing and songwriting, maybe to start playing the guitar. I want me and my band to leave this country soon, move to the UK and play in some little clubs, full of drunk people and alcohol.
I don’t see reality and that’s probably my problem, but I don’t care, again. I think everybody should just move their own way and do what they really want to do and feel it’s right. You got me?
Okay, I think that was enough for you, I’m not gonna tell you EVERYTHING now, right? J

So..Ok..it will be hard to beat this cuz I’m more into pictures than writing but I will try to say something about me.
So my name is Laura Emrichová and I live near Natali but I really don’t know why we didn’t go out so much, something just always got into it and then we couldn’t get together again but when we met after those long times our mouths didn’t stop talking because we had so much in common. There were always some new loves, new bands and so much new stuff to talk about.

Well I guess I should tell you guys something about me.. so I’m not as talented as Natali I don’t know how to sing or play any instruments but I’m addicted to music and I couldn’t live without it, I even put it when I’m taking out the trash! Then my friend laughs at me but whatever…I’m kind of crazy person I like to laugh a lot but I suppose its not a bad thing most people like that about me, I hate boredom..so usually when I’m bored I open my laptop and remake some pics or at least I try to. I guess this sounds depressing haha but I have great life and thanks to this blog I will have a reason to be with Natali more what I’m really happy about. Yea I like fashion and I like new styles…and basicly everyone recognizes me by my hair I don’t even know why.. Well its probably cuz many people don’t care about style here, they just wear whatever they see in stores. It really creeps me out when some people just buy the cheapest things and everyone else has them (no I’m not a spoilt child I just think about things like this.) and yea I love shopping. I talk a lot, laugh a lot and try to help people that I love.

Happiness is a journey not a destination :)

Note by N.: I don’t think I’m THIS talented, okay?? J

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