21. 4. 2011

That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight.

'We're not meant to grow up from who we really are.'

Finally having holidays!
And that wouldn't be me if I haven't started them with some troubles.
Felt sick at school and had to leave so I couldn't practice with my band. Had last singing lesson, because my teacher is leaving for 5 weeks. One cute bird decided to poo on me as I was running to catch the tram. I missed it. Weird man stared at me for the whole time (I admit, i would be staring too, if a person next to me had big bird shit on his tee).

Anyways, I had such a good day. Went to town with my friend Urba and somehow we got this idea of visiting secondhands. I'm telling you - pretty much nothing. But found one amazing piece - a black jacket from H&M just for 2 euros! And how to make it if there's only one super amazing jacket (!) but two girls who want it so bad?
None of us wanted to make a compromise so we bought it fifty-fifty.

 Little tongue.
Thumbs up for pics of me eating.


 And my famous mirror.

N. ♥

4 komentáre:

  1. nice photos! you're so pretty :)
    love paramore <3


  2. she's very very very very pretty ! <3

  3. your hair is so pretty & the food all looks so good! I'm hungry :p also, that jacket is certainly a lovely find & a great steal! I buy so much from secondhand...pretty much 70% of my wardrobe.

    p.s. in reply to your question, I take my own photos with a tripod :)

  4. thank you girls! :)

    but so you all are so pretty! ♥

    and chloe: its pretty hard to find a normal secondhand in here because most of them sell just clothes for people who have no money...like for real (i dont want it to sound bad) but you know what i mean? :)
    and i know its gonna take some time until i find something special, but think ive find the right way :)