2. 4. 2011

We're alone, we're weird and we're supposed to fall in love with each other.

It's been over one week since I was posting last time. This week was hard, exhausting, sad and I'm happy leaving this behind me.
I've learnt one thing - we always focus on people who are not worth it. But we don't see it until they hurt us. And then we finally realize that we've been wasting this whole time with someone who never deserved it.
I needed to find it out, and to be honest it took a long time.

I'll always be a broken part in your perfect life.

Anyways, life goes on and I can't wait for the summer! Today I went out with Beanie and took some pics for you. Tell me if you like it :)
I was wearing: coat - St. Olivier, jeans - Mango, shirt, top and glasses - H&M, shoes - Humanic, scarf - Coccinelle, bag - my Mum's.

 Yes, I am.

Pagáč and some nice girls ♥ Click HERE if you want to know more :)

P.S.: Rest in peace, sweet angel. You were such a good girl, Moni :( ♥

N. ♥

9 komentárov:

  1. Ešteže si napísala kto je Beanie. Nikdy by ma nenapadlo, že to je Zuzka. Ljuke.

  2. Anonym Lukajdo uz pise :D

    a to ma byt ironicky alebo fakt si nevedel ze Beanie je Zuzka? :)

  3. Naozaj som to nevedel :)

  4. je nana nadherne fotky :-) gajdoska :D

  5. i shall tell you that i loveeee these pictures!:)
    -yee wen:)

  6. robertatherimbaud - to teda hej! :)
    a zuzi, to nie my, ale ty, pretoze nebyt teba tak nie su take krasne fotky :)