5. 4. 2011

A candle for Kurt, a kiss for Ben.

Huh, it seems like I keep posting almost every day! But why not?
NO, I'm not one of those bloggers who have 1000000000000000 followers and 10000000000000 comments under every single post.
And YES, I know most of people reading this blog are my friends.
But should I care?

So... probably you already know (because I kept telling you the whole day) or maybe there are still some people who don't know (is this possible?!) but TODAY is about 2 special men in my life.
(and no, it's not you!)

The first one is unfortunately dead. (*cry*,*cry more*,*the biggest cry ever*) and his name is Kurt Cobain. 17 years ago was found his dead body with a shotgun pointing to his head. Even though he had some personal problems, he was the most talented man-singer ever. At least for me.

A candle for him (okay, I DO know it's the same I used for Earth Day, but who cares? Special candles for special occasions!☺)

Kurt's suicide note.

Btw, I went to town to buy new Kerrang! Magazine with 5 special posters of Kurt, but they still didn't get it and so I bought an old issue (----------- new Paramore poster! ♥)

Another special man in my life is Ben.
I could say all those nice words which are hanging on my tongue right now, but I won't. This is kinda personal and WE KNOW (and most of you, my friends, know it too ☺).
It's been one year since we knew each other ♥
Thank you so much for this amazing time, lasko! x

Also, JUST BECAUSE OF HIM I'm into Katy Perry ^^

2 komentáre:

  1. bude to přízemní, ale při čtení vašeho blogu jsem přestala škytat! což je pro mě dost důležité, takže prosím články dennodenně! a ty botky jsou krásné, super vyznání!!!
    krásný den, kočky..

  2. Ooh, dakujem, tento komentar ma tak potesil :)
    Laura je teraz trosku busy a nestiha, ale ja sa budem snazit lepit kazdy jeden den :)

    dakujem este raz xx