18. 4. 2011

Black sheep...

... of this family. I totally am.
Bad grades at school, bad behaviour + my latest post.
Anyways there's a good part of me too (stop laughing. I mean it) and I felt a bit weird about the last photos I took and posted.
I wouldn't feel like this if there weren't SOME PEOPLE who keep telling me what is bad and what is good. I'm not gonna delete that post just because my Mum will open this blog soon and won't let me go and see Paramore this summer.

To be honest, I love taking risks. And it makes me feel happy when I know my parents will find out about my alcohol-obsession (trust me, they think I have no idea what drinking means).

Well, I'm not really sure if you care about my feelings and I'm pretty sure you're starving for some new bad pictures (☺ just kidding, you don't).

But let's go back.
Hm.. what was I talking about?
Aha, a good part of me.
... and just because I felt weird I decided to post some new (even not so cool) pictures to 'hide' my last post, so if my parents open this, they say: 'Aah, good girl.' (so what?! Paramore means so much to me!)

And here we go.
Nothing special - taking photos instead of learning physics (I fail) - my Minnie tee that I don't like - new nail polishes and a lipstick - Skittles! - my friend Kika - and Elle Collections spring summer 2011 that my sister borrowed from her friend (thumbs up for my sister's friends!)

Don't worry, my friends, it's almost end of this post and I promise I won't talk this much anymore because I know you rather see the pics than read. Forgive me, please ☺

Oh, and one more thing: I decided to start writing my own 'Before I Die' List. Inspiration HERE

P.S.: I still don't regret posting it.
P.S.2: Sorry for the quality, my camera is still broken so the only way how to take pictures is a mobile phone
P.S.3: I love you Mum and Dad.
N. ♥

4 komentáre:

  1. mmmmm Skittles, I freakin love Skittles. :D
    Almost as much as I hate physics :D
    Great pics as usually :)


  2. Star Wars musím taky zkouknout, doufám, že umřu až za dlouhá léta..=D

  3. dakujem marek , ano skittles su najlepsie, ale len tie cervene lebo zelene su moc kysle :D :)

    a iva, to som myslela tak ze este snad bude vela casu kym umriem, nie ze by som chcela umriet teraz! :D som ale zvedava ci to vsetko postiham pretoze stale pripisujem :D

    and nikola - youre right! :D ♥