11. 4. 2011

Am I really the reason for your smile?

Should I make an account on lookbook.nu?
Or should I rather keep saying this is not a fashion blog?
I don't really know.

My last days were exhausting. After week full of useless school (for me!) we had finally a band practice aand - new drummer came! It feels like my life is complete now! (at least with this) ♥
The weekend spent with my parents in Vienna (bought some new cool stuff, yay!) and tidying up my sister's room (don't ask me anything).

Anyways here are some new pictures, but not much from myself. Actually I don't really feel like taking a pictures of me. I always feel weird ^_^

Oh, and I love cereals. I hate milk. But love cereals. And my childish bowl and spoon. (are you jealous?!)

Also I love this snowy toast. (hands up for secret posts)

N. ♥

5 komentárov:

  1. Tá miska je freakin´ cute.


  2. Ljk - ja viem!
    Ver - Humanic/Scs/Vieden 48eur/best seller... :)

  3. ano? :)
    ano ano amerika ♥

    a zabudla som este dodat, tie boty su vans (neviem preco ma to nenapadlo napisat hned) :D