19. 7. 2011

I refuse to grow up.

And the third post today...

I went to Croatia with my family and friends aand... what can I say? It would be such a normal vacation if we didn't have to run from our island because of the fire.
Ah, don't really feel like talking about it all... let me show you.

Yea, negga.

Me and my sis.

My Mum.

Haha, you're dead. And I'm so happy. You were an asshole. And now you're gone... ♫

Yes. I love panic. I do.

Two last pictures are from google.com. All the other by me and my family.

natali wonderland

2 komentáre:

  1. Great posts. Nice pictures (and nice dress).
    And definetely keep posting! There will be always at least two (anonymous) viewers ;)


  2. Pekne sa ti to tu rozrasta :) a pekne fotky deculko