19. 7. 2011

But now that you're gone, the world is ours...

I know I could make one big post about all I'm about to post, but I feel better when I can post more posts.
You don't get me? Never mind.
Let's see...

On the 3rd of June, at 22:05 happened the most unbelieveable moment in my life. I knew I won't die without seeing them, but actually never thought it will be this soon. I still see myself in the first seconds of That's What You Get as I was just standing there in the middle of jumping crowd and couldn't believe it. Her hair was really orange. And the boys were so... sexy. And the most important thing - their music was real. Paramore will always be my most favourite band ever. Forever.
And me (and the thousands of others ofc) were the first who listened to Monster live! ♥

and bought these...

natali wonderland

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  1. Her hair was really orange, her carrot-mic was really orange :)


    ...and nice tee btw...