19. 7. 2011


Hello again...
should I say sorry for no posting?
I'm not sure because I bet none of you who really used to read this blog don't read it anymore... it sucks.
But it's all my fault, because I don't keep posting as much as I promised.

Things are going crazy and I'm too slow to stop them getting worse and worse. I should make one big tidying up in my life, I know.

Have no idea why, but I just got this feeling.. I feel like I should start with this blog. I hate things with no ending and I'm not saying this is the end of our blog, I just don't feel like it's going the right way.
Should we post more from our lives? Or become a fashion blog? I'm not sure... I love fashion, but I feel weird when taking pictures just of myself and posting it just to show 'how amazing I am' (have to mention that all the bloggers I keep watching are cool and amazing, really! but I am one of them? I don't think so..)
I want people to come on this blog and feel good while reading it, but can I make you feel good when posting pictures of my (and Laura's) outfits? Tell me, if somebody reads this...

Anyways, before I and Laura decide what to do with this (and we'll tell you, don't worry!) I think I'm gonna post some pictures I took recently.
Let's start...
Yes, let's start.

natali wonderland

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  1. oh I do read this!
    But, yeah, fashion is probably not the thing I'm, you know, looking for here. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't post any fashion stuff!
    Do whatever you feel like and post whatever you would love to have here.